Google Calendar Sync Configuration Process

Punchey offers either a 1 way or 2 way sync to Google Calendar. Administrators have full control of how their staff can utilize this.

Create User Accounts for All Staff

After configuration is complete, staff members will log into their Punchey Account to sync with their Google Calendar. The first step is to create their User Account

1. Navigate to Users in your dashboard

2. Click

3. Complete at a minimum the User’s name and email address. An invitation for them to create a password will be sent via email that they will use to login with.

4. Assign a permission level for the User, minimum access is given at the Personnel level.

Select Sync Options for Users

By default only Admin users will have the option to configure a 2 way sync, all other users will only be allowed 1 way communications (from us to Google). 

1. To allow all users the option for a 2 way sync, just change the selection found under Appointment Features to All Users.

Connect the User Account to your Resource

Only User Accounts with an associated Resource will be able to sync with Google.

1. Navigate to your Calendar and Resource Settings

2. Select for the resource type under Resource Management

3. Select the Resource associated with the User that you are setting up

4. Select the User’s email address from the drop down list

Your staff member will now be able sync Google Calendar when they login!

Create and Manage your Connection to Google Calendar

Once it has been enabled, the User will be able to sign into Google under their Account Settings

  1. Click your name at the top right of the dashboard and click Account Settings
  2. If you don’t see your personal information, click User Account & Phone Settings
  3. In your Account Settings, click
  4. Sign in with your Google Account to review and accept the requested permissions
  5. Once the connection is made, choose which calendar from your Google account that you would like to sync.
  6. If enabled, select the type of sync (One-way or Two-way Sync)
  7. If you have a Two-way Sync enabled, select how your appointments created in Google Calendar will be recorded – we suggest creating a separate service type for this)

All appointments going forward will now be recorded in your Google Calendar according to your sync settings! 

How Does it Work?

  • Once connected, Events that are made on the connected Google Calendar  will come through as bookings on Punchey with the selected placeholder service. You can then modify this in Punchey for accurate records if needed.
  • If any of the guests emails match as customers in Punchey, the first match found will be the customer for the booking – otherwise, the contact on the Punchey booking will be labeled as *GCAL placeholder*. You will soon be able to change this to the customer record once created or if the customer exists under a different email address!
  • The name of the Google Event will be transferred over under Booking Notes
  • The description of the Google Event will also be seen in Booking Notes – we recommend putting all of the information you need to complete the appointment here!

Any changes made to the event will be updated in both Punchey as well Google calendar, keep in mind that your customers may see this!

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Updated on December 27, 2020

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