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Learning how to use your staff scheduler will streamline your calendar and help improve efficiency.

First, navigate to “Settings” and “Your Calendar.”

You’ll then be brought to this page:

Let’s first set business hours. To do this, select “Business Hours” as outlined below.

You should then scroll to the bottom of the page you are directed to, until you see your business hours.

Once here, you can set your hours to whatever you like.

It is worth noting how business hours will reflect on your calendar. We add an hour prior to opening and three hours after closing to your calendar, in case you need space for early or late appointments/meetings.

See a weekly calendar view below:

All times in green are blocked out, signaling unavailability.

Now, let’s learn how to schedule each employee’s calendar.

Return to “Settings” and “Your Calendars” once again.

From here, select “Schedule” as outlined next to your Sales Rep tab.

You’ll be directed to the following screen. First, open the drop-down “Select Resource” arrow to choose an employee, then you can select “Edit Schedule.”

This screen will then appear:

Now you can edit your employee’s schedule accordingly and save this schedule as recurring weekly.

To see updated changes to your employee’s schedule, return to “Calendar.”

Choose “Day View” to see each employee’s daily schedule, with blocked out portions highlighted in green.

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Updated on April 7, 2020

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