Smart Number Click to Call Settings: Phone-Based & App-Based Calling

Learn how to utilize Smart Number outbound calling!

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Punchey’s unique customer relationship management tools come with two forms of click-to-call technology: app-based and phone-based calling.

Phone-Based Calling

When you view a customer and click the phone icon to call, the call will first be relayed to your Local Destination Number and automatically dial out to add the customer to the call . Your Local Destination can be your direct cell phone or an office line. Your customer will see your Smart Number in their caller ID.

To set up phone-based click-to-call, first navigate from the dashboard to your settings. You’ll then be brought to the following page, where you can input your desired number in the outlined box.

App-Based Calling

Through app-based click-to-call, your call will transfer directly through your register/desktop, similar to Skype. Your computer will connect you directly to your customer through your Smart Number.

The call will be completely web-based and your customer will still see your Smart Number appear through caller ID. As the call is handled by your computer, you will need either a headset or a speaker and microphone connected.

Choosing between the two:

To select between phone-based and app-based click-to-call, navigate to the arrow at the top right on your home screen, next to your name. You’ll then see the following drop-down menu:

Here, you can toggle between app-based and phone-based calling.

Note: all outbound calls are automatically logged and, depending on your Smart Number settings and state laws, can be recorded.

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Updated on January 19, 2021

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