Looking to Edit a Service’s Price in the Appointment Page? You Can’t!

This field is not editable on the system.

A common question our support team raises is a simple one: why can’t the price be edited while booking an appointment.

This is because of a few reasons:

  • Price discounts should be done at the invoice, pre-invoice or estimate level. This will allow you to clearly track your discounts in your sales reports and treat those discounts the way they are supposed to be treated: as an expense!
    • Because invoices and estimates are linked to appointments, editing the prices in both places would be redundant slow you (and your system) way down.
  • Another reason is because the business owner is not always the one booking the appointment, and we want our system to ensure the pricing is set by the owner.
    • Pricing menu updates are only editable by managers and owners.

All this being said, you have several easy work-arounds based on what you’re looking to do:

Special Discounts to Certain Clients:

  1. Select the service you want with the standard pricing.
  2. Save the appointment
  3. Go back to appointment and press generate bill
  4. Apply discount to this “pre-invoice”
  5. When appointment is ready for checkout, checkout this discounted invoice linked to the appointment.
  6. All set!

Watch Video On Special Discount Appointments

Price Not Known When Making Appointment

  1. Create a service called consultation, diagnostic or evaluation. If you charge for this put the service price in as the.
    1. Alternatively, if you know a certain service will always have a variety of prices, enter the price as 0.00.
  2. When you meet with the client, complete your evaluation.
  3. Create either an estimate OR a pre-invoice (e.g. Invoice in Draft Status) by pressing generate bill or generate estimate on the appointment
  4. This will link the estimate or the draft invoice to the appointment

Watch Video On Pricing Appointments When Price is Not Known Upfront

Other Work-Arounds Include:

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Updated on October 10, 2019

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