How to Add Online Booking to your Website

Drive appointments and sales from your marketing websites by configuring our online booking portal. Use this link on your websites and social media for direct booking. Now featuring seamless collection of appointment deposits!

Configure the Springboard Portal

  1. First, go to Settings and locate Software Setup.

2. Now, locate Messaging and Domain Tools towards the middle of the tab.

3. Next, select Spring Board Domain.

You’ll now be brought to the Springboard & Domain Setup page. For more general information on completing this, check out our overview of adding widgets to your website.

4. Scroll down to Step 5 to personalize your widgets and booking. You will want to be sure that Online Booking is turned ON and that we are using the multiple pages flow.

5. Complete any online booking policies and set your deposits.

Add it to your Marketing!

You will be give the completed link to your new online booking. Be sure to hand this off to your web developer to add to your website and social media! If you need assistance with this, we do have Professional Services available to help you integrate this with your online persona!

How Does it Work?

Once completed, your customers will be able to select and book appointments from your direct booking link and have them set in your Punchey calendar automatically. You will receive an email and a notification about the booking; we recommend following up to confirm the new appointment!

If you choose to collect deposits for your appointments, we will collect the preset amount and set that as a credit on the customers account. This credit will then be applied to their final invoice when you go to check them out after completing service! If the appointment is a no show, simply process an invoice for the amount of the credit.

If a booking is created but we are unable to successfully process payment of the deposit, we will then delete it from your calendar (We create the booking first and then try to collect the deposit).

Want to learn more? Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel, other helpful guides on adding different widgets, and more how-to guides!

Updated on January 11, 2021

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