What is Punchey Point of Sale (POS)

Punchey’s mission is to help promote, market and advance the trade between local businesses and consumers. We seek to accomplish that mission by providing a web-based POS which can be easily used with your existing hardware such as a computer, tablet, and printer.

What is a POS system?

POS is short for “Point of sale”. You use a POS system to process a transaction or sale at a place of business.

A good POS software will help you to simplify your billing, promotions, accounting and much more.

A full-featured enterprise POS system can handle sales, reporting, analytics, inventory tracking, customer data management, employee management, and among other robust integrations.

Key POS Features Provided with Punchey


Our POS system covers the basic functionality processing an order with support for multiple forms of payment methods including cash, credit, and check but also eInvoice, and ACH!

It has the capability to generate order invoices, print and send receipts to the end customer via email or SMS along with adding discounts, customer details, additional remarks and staff names to an order.


We’ve integrated the lowest cost merchant providers with the best rates to provide affordable credit card and e-check acceptance.

Pair these rates with our PCI compliant hardware for top of the line secure payments; we even have chargeback concierge service!

Sales monitoring and reporting

Punchey delivers a wide variety of robust reports custom built to your date range filters so that you can easily understand your business.

We provide everything at your fingertips to see sales trends such as seasonal demand, busy hours of the day and overall profitability. You can easily track staff metrics such as cashier sales, tips and commissions.

We also provide in depth reporting on customer spending, top customers and open balances.

Inventory and Stock Management

Automatically deduct products from your inventory upon checkout and never run out of stock with low inventory notifications and support for purchase orders.

Enter your stock referenced by name, SKU, or barcode with support for multiple variants, colors, and tax rates.

Enter your manual stock adjustments while viewing inventory with notes as to the reason for the change.

Customer Relationship Management

Track the customer journey from prospect to customer as they make their first purchase with your business and gather more info with each subsequent purchase!

View all customer history and interactions including transaction, messages, and phone in one easy to reference location.

Appointment Scheduling & Employee Management

Schedule staff, track hours and generate performance and sales reports for each employee.

You can track your employee activity by linking it with each transaction. Work out the good from the weak performers so that you can take appropriate actions to improve their productivity.

Give optional logins to each staff member with as much or little access as you would like!

Gift Card Manager

Sell customized plastic and virtual gift cards to grow your business. Gift Card programs generate over a 200% ROI so there’s no reason not to do them!

Reputation Management

Collect reviews after each transaction automatically. Post positive reviews to your website and social media effortlessly. Handle negative reviews personally before they end up online.

Updated on November 9, 2020

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