Staggering Staff to Meet Demand

Supply and demand may be the most basic economic concept, but that certainly does not mean it isn’t one of the, if not the, most important.

Your quantity supplied (Qs) should be equal to the quantity demanded (Qd) where the supply curve intersects demand.

Knowing the abstract concepts of supply and demand, however, is just half the battle. In order to make sure you properly stagger your labor and provide the appropriate amount of supply, you need to know your demand. Having a flexible, solid supply chain will enable you to meet whichever demand is requested.

Traditionally, identifying demand can be an incredibly tricky task for small business owners and firms across the world. Punchey is here to simplify that.

Our software services track your customer demand so you can easily manage your supply curve and adhere to the law of supply. This snapshot shows our demand heat map to help you stagger your labor to achieve maximum efficiency.

This heat map shows when demand peaks and troughs to aid you in maximizing each day.

The heat map shows demand by charting how much traffic you receive throughout the day on one-hour intervals. The darker the red, the higher the demand, and the lighter the yellow, the lower the demand. This system color codes the law of demand to make your life as easy and efficient as possible. This will also significantly cut down on wasted time for your workers and unapplied labor for your balance sheet.

This software allows the small business owner to plan like an economist. Not only will this help you have the right amount of staff on hand, but it will ease your payroll process, track time for employees, and craft a sound business plan.

Updated on October 10, 2019

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