Recommended iPads for Punchey POS System.

  • iPad: Seventh generation | Buy here
  • iPad Air: Third generation | Buy here
  • iPad Mini:  Not recommended (too small / not enough screen real estate)
  • iPad Pro: Not recommended (too large / cumbersome on the go)

Your setup should look like this afterwards:

Mobile Operators

If you’re a mobile business, and going have your techs run the system out of a truck or van (aka mobile fleet) we require your company go with one of the latest versions of iPad. Remember these three things:

  1. Make sure you have new version.
  2. Unless your vehicle has a mobile hotpost/wifi signal you will definitely want to get the Wifi+Cellular version of the iPad
  3. Industrial Enclosure: ensure you have a strong, industrial-grade case. It’s helpful if this case has a holding strap as well. This is to make sure that your iPad doesn’t retain any damage throughout the day and is best suited to your needs. You can find cases here.

Cases like the ones below offer versatility and strength:

Required Browser for mobile

Finally, we recommend your trucks run their iPad in Safari.

Next steps

Now that you have your hardware setup, checkout how to configure your iPad or Tablet for checkout.

Updated on April 7, 2020

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