Cash Drawer & Receipt Printer Guide

You have two options to automatically have your cash drawer pop open when you check out a cash payment.

ALL IN ONE – Bundled Setup:

You can go with our all in one MPOP cash drawer/receipt printer combo here.

– Sleek with small footprint at your counter.
– This simply plugs into your computer via USB or Bluetooth.

– A bit small and not as industrial as a traditional cash drawer/receipt printer setup.
– A bit more expensive than an unbundled setup

Unbundled Setup

Alternatively, you can build your own unbundled setup on Amazon or Ebay.

There are 3 items you need: 



3) SPECIAL CABLE (To connect the two… IMPORTANT!)

No cash accepted

To keep things simple and organized, many clients are opting for a no-cash accepted policy to reduce operational complexities.

Manually open cash drawer

If you don’t want to open the cash drawer automatically when a receipt is printed, you can just manually open the cash drawer to provide change and accept cash. This is less secure as you don’t know if someone is opening the cash drawer without a corresponding sale, so theft could be an issue.

Updated on April 7, 2020

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