Punchey Credit Card Rates & Fees Overview

When using credit card processing with Punchey, we offer two different rate plans. Flat and Flex. For businesses with average transactions under $18.00 the Punchey Flat plan makes the most sense. For businesses with average transactions over $18.00 the Punchey Flex plan is the plan to go with.

No two businesses are the same. That’s why Punchey takes the time to understand your company’s needs before presenting you with a the right rate plan. Merchants are usually sold “one low qualified rate” only to realize that most of their sales don’t qualify!

Punchey creates custom rate quotes for your unique small business
Every biz is a little different 🙂

Quick Comparison based on transaction size:

Compare custom rates from Punchey and see the savings
Go with the Punchey Flex plan if your transactions are over $18.00 on average

Savings breakdown on the Punchey Flex plan for transactions over $18.00

To learn more about our flex plan see here: https://phpstack-75753-1533992.cloudwaysapps.com/products/merchant-services/merchant-rates

Updated on November 4, 2020

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