How To Track and Add Inventory

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Inventory tracking is important for business to maintain the right balance of stock, avoid losses and maximize profit gains. Our system allows you to keep track of and add to your inventory stock.

To Track Inventory:

First, click on the “Settings” tab then navigate to “Software Setup” to bring up this screen.

Once here, select “Inventory Management” to analyze your inventory.

This brings up a table with all relevant inventory management, including price, SKU, barcode, and quantity. You can monitor your inventory quantity here.

To set a reminder from when a certain quantity reaches a pre-specified amount, click on the item. You’ll be brought to a page like this.

You can then set alerts by selecting “Track Stock” and “Remind when the stock reaches” as shown in the next picture.

Adding Inventory:

To add a new product to your inventory, first return to your inventory management page. Here, navigate to “+Products” and select that tab.

Then simply fill out the listed details and save your product.

Want to learn more? Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel and read up on other how-to guides!

Updated on April 7, 2020

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