Connect an iPad to your Register – SignPad and Checking Out a Customer

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Learning how to configure your register and SignPad will enable your business to skyrocket! Keep reading or watch our video to learn how!

First, you’ll need to configure your register. Be sure to log into your account on

Once on your dashboard, navigate to Settings and click “Software Setup.” Once in software setup, click “Point of Sale Module.”

You can then select “Registers.”

Once here, you can either configure your SignPad to an existing register or a new one. To be consistent with our video explanation and give a general overview, we’re going to create a new register. Click “Add a Register.”

You’ll then be brought to this screen, where you’ll have a variety of options for your register.

Enter the name, description, and starting cash amount you’d like for this register. For signature pad type, you have a couple of options, although we’ll use Customer Facing Touch Screen for this article. For tip collection, you can choose between tipping upfront, during signature, or not at all. We recommend that you do tipping during signature, as this is the most likely route to generate tips.

After entering this information, hit “Save” on the bottom right.

Now that your register is set up, its time to move to the SignPad.

You’ll first need your SignPad username and password. This is the same as your Admin credentials.

Once logged in, click on the User Account in the top right hand corner and select “Switch to SignPad”

Once in SignPad mode, you’ll be prompted to select a register. Simply select the register you just set up.

You’ll then be brought to this screen and you can see your SignPad is connected to your register!

Now, let’s checkout a customer.

Go back to your register and locate “Checkout” under the Payments tab.

You’ll be redirected to this screen.

Once here, enter all applicable information and click “Accept Payment.”

You’ll then be brought here. Click “Ready to Swipe” when you wish to collect payment (if you choose to use this payment method).

Now, let’s again turn our attention to our SignPad.

After your customer swipes, this screen will appear.

Once they fill out this screen, simply hit “Confirm” on the SignPad and you’re done!

To learn how to sign consent and release forms on your SignPad, click here.

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Updated on March 30, 2020

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