Form Markup and Upload on iPad or Tablet Device

This example case is using vehicle inspection forms but this process can be used for any type of markup.

Learn how to markup forms and upload them to a customer’s page right from your mobile device!

But first…

Make sure your hardware is setup properly.

Setup your mobile register.

Add your live.punchey account to your home screen.

Marking Up

You’ll want to find an inspection form or car outline that you’ll be using for your markups. Save this photo to your camera roll and put it in its own album.

Whenever you need to work with this image, go to your album and screenshot the picture.

You’ll see an outlined square appear in the bottom left-hand corner of your device. Click on it.

Now, you can markup your device however you need to and save it to your photos. It is not necessary to put in the album we just made.


To upload the file to your software, login into your account on your mobile browser.

Locate your customer and pull up (or add) their vehicle information from the action tab.

Now, just locate the area on the vehicle’s page called “Files” where you can upload attachments.

Upload the picture!

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Updated on October 10, 2019

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