Physical Clocks with Cloud Sync vs. Mobile App Time Clocks

In our earlier post we talked about the differences between the traditional clock-in-clock-out method of attendance documentation versus management software to optimize human resources. The movement to streamline this process has not yet finished, however, as there are still different ways to go about using these processes. Employers can purchase a physical clock with cloud sync to manage their employees. An alternative to this is a mobile app to clock-in and auto-sync everything to the cloud. Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these options.

Physical Clock with Cloud Sync

  • Costs
    • Approximately $200 for the machine
    • $10-$50 per month with cloud sync
  • Pros
    • Employees will be more immediately familiar with clocking-in through the physical clock, as this is more traditional
    • Everything should automatically sync to management software online
    • Not necessary to teach employees new systems
  • Cons
    • It is very easy to still just clock in and leave or take a long lunch
    • Less accountability for employees
    • Likely to be more expensive in long-run

Mobile App with Cloud Sync

  • Costs
    • $10-$50 per month with cloud sync
  • Pros
    • GPS tracking system ensures employees can only clock-in on-site and alerts you when they leave
    • Saves money in long-run
    • Fairly easy to learn and familiarize employees with, especially as workforce begins shifting towards younger generations
  • Cons
    • Longer learning curve to teach employees new systems
    • Requires employees to have a phone with the ability to download app and use software

The creation of the potential of new, efficient time and attendance systems should, for savvy business owners, result in an easy decision. Powered by Punchey, small business owners can empower themselves to take control of their business. The next step to maximizing employee potential requires an understanding and optimization of applied vs unapplied labor. With the tools for your business to become its best version, time and attendance software gives you a leg up on the competition.

Updated on October 10, 2019

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