A Review of Cloud-Based Time Tracking Options

The growth of software as a service has left consumers and businesses with many, many options to choose from–particularly for time tracking software and management systems. Since the public cloud is meant to make your life easier, not more complex, we’ve decided to review different options for you!


Harvest offers a free trial on their website and presents themselves as “time tracking for those who value insight.” They have versatility in their product and highlight their strengths as:

  • Painless time tracking with varying options
    • Start and stop timers as employees work with option to manually enter hours into a timesheet
    • Track time through devices and mobile apps
    • Integration with various common services
  • Smarter reporting and invoicing
    • Deliver crucial information to you to help project planning
    • Create invoices based on billable hours, which can be easily sent to clients
    • Managing resources, including employees

Our Thoughts:

  • Harvest has a strong foundation and offers helpful services, particularly for small businesses.
  • Good customer reviews and over 50,000 customers indicate strong service and consistency.
  • Simplified product for the common business-person.


Similar to Harvest, TSheets offers a free trial for those interested in their service (although Harvest’s free trial is longer). TSheets is an advanced system that streamlines time tracking for businesses. Items of note include:

  • Mobile timesheets through a private cloud allows employees to clock in and out with ease through their phones
    • Managers have the ability to review, edit, and approve hours from mobile app as well
  • GPS location tracking benefits time tracking, resource allocation, and performance management
  • Management system creates schedules for employees and projects, acting as a strong project management tool
  • Integrates seamlessly with payroll software
  • Tablet-based punch clock offered if the business owner would rather have a physical check-in location
    • Uses facial recognition technology to clock-in
A quick look at calendar management through TSheets.

Our Thoughts:

  • TSheets offers a system that is simple to use yet provides advanced services.
  • GPS tracking is especially helpful for companies with mobile workers, such as technicians, and can be great for managing labor hours.
  • The ability to also have a physical punch-in tablet should be appealing to small business owners.
  • The company’s strong history and favorable reviews indicate consistency and performance.


Mitrefinch is an established time-tracking software that lends itself well to larger companies (100 to 10,000+). They focus on increasing efficiency and offer a wide range of services to satisfy their wide spectrum of clients, including:

  • An enterprise time clock software that offers itself as Cloud Based, On Premise (physical), or Hybrid HR Software Solution
  • Absence management
  • Remote employee management and scheduling
  • Technologically advanced solutions, including biometric fingerprints scanners and GPS tracking
  • Easy integration with payroll and ERP software
A look into Mitrefinch’s intelligent software.

Our Thoughts:

  • Mitrefinch differentiates themselves from competitors by servicing midsize to large companies.
  • A diverse set of hardware and software allows Mitrefinch to suit each company’s needs with ease.
  • Interactive website filled with case studies shows just how much Mitrefinch can help a business.
  • Over 30 years of experience have established Mitrefinch as a deserving leader in time tracking software and cloud applications.

Final Thoughts

Although all of these services are great options, Mitrefinch and TSheets separate themselves from the field. TSheets, for small companies, and Mitrefinch, for mid-to-large companies, offer interactive time tracking solutions and can massively help the efficiency of a business. Used in conjunction with payroll management and labor cost analysis software, such as Punchey, either of these solutions can improve efficiency and increase profit.

Updated on October 10, 2019

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