A Review of Cloud Based Payroll Software

Just as we did with time and attendance software, we are going to take a look at a couple payroll software options, which can be used in combination with Punchey to optimize your payroll.


Gusto is one of the largest up-and-coming payroll software services and is looking to change how people payroll. They use simple software that makes your job as easy as it can be. Although Gusto brings a lot to the table, they highlight their strengths as:

  • Filing W2s and 1099s without extra fees
  • Extending payroll services to multiple states without extra fees
  • Allowing individuals to e-sign I-9 and W-4
  • Lifetime access and payday emails with fun facts
  • Seamless integration with traditional services (QuickBooks, Xero) and newer services (Google Drive)
  • No fees for health benefits or workers’ comp
  • Tons of HR features

Our Thoughts:

  • Gusto offers great services and benefits to their clients that are tough to match
  • Although they aren’t as experienced as other payroll services, they make up for that with passion and smarts
  • Thousands of happy customers indicate that they put their money where their mouth is.


ADP’s experience and expertise have established them as a frontrunner in the payroll services industry and all but ensure that they are here to stay. They offer a versatile set of services to a versatile set of clients, including:

  • Experience across different industries with other 700,000 clients
  • Ability to service business ranging from 1 employee to over 1,000
  • More than just payroll
    • Time and attendance documentation, tracking hours worked, managing time-off requests, and seamlessly integrating this into your payroll
    • Talent recruitment and retirement systems
    • Employee benefits and business insurance
    • HR consulting and outsourcing
    • Easy integrations
  • Global, fast payroll processing
  • Employee and manager self-service, online or with their mobile app
  • Automated and error free
  • Payroll taxes calculated and paid on manager’s behalf

Our Thoughts:

  • ADP is a world leader in payroll services and is a massive project management tool
  • Whether its to run payroll, track time and attendance, pay payroll tax, help with resource allocation, or find project management solutions, ADP is there
  • Their sheer size could actually be a negative, as you want to ensure your payroll provider is committed to you and will always be easy to get in touch with
  • Great customer reviews indicate ADP is well-run, efficient, and consistent.

Patriot Software

Patriot Software is another leader payroll processing software, with a start-up history that helps them to this day. They know that small businesses need software that is affordable, fast, easy to use, and doesn’t tie them down with a long-term contract. With an average rating of 4.9/5 stars, they pride themselves on:

  • Easy-to-use software that doesn’t even require training
  • 100% online system to quickly and securely run payroll from any device connected to the internet
  • Dependable and accurate payroll accounting for your team members
  • Guaranteed security backed by encryption techniques used by banks
  • Affordable pricing with small businesses in mind
  • Monthly pricing system with anytime cancellation policy
  • Free expert support anytime

Our Thoughts:

  • Patriot Software is a great tool for the payroll process and operating a successful business
  • Monthly billing system gives much needed flexibility to small business owners
  • Start-up history is not only inspiring, but makes Patriot Software a firm that small businesses can relate to.

Final Thoughts

All three services differentiate themselves in different ways and offer great opportunities for businesses. Having a strong payroll system is key to successfully running a business and managing labor. The fact that some of these systems also offer time and attendance tracking only amplifies their use. When used in combination with Punchey’s unique services, these software services can cut down on unnecessary costs, streamline your supply chain, and unlock your business’s potential.

Updated on October 10, 2019

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